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Events & Projects 2019

The past few months have been eventful, to say the least... March was my last general email, announcing shows by John Maurer and Daniel St-Amant, among other things, and things took off at this point.

Our group was involved with three fundraiser events with Margaret Atwood and Graeme Gibson, April and May (Toronto, April 28th – Windsor, May 8th - Pelee Island, May 11th and 12th). You will find pictures from The Wild Bird Ball (sponsored by Cineplex) below. Next year, we hope, you'll be tempted to join us for the Windsor and Pelee Island events also (in May)... More on these later.

While preparations for all of these events were underway, we had three calendar deadlines: My own 2021 Lang, Cottage Country collection, (at the bottom of this page) and our two Regional Art group collections (For New Regionalism Project and Independent Culture): the landscape calendar, Home And Away, and our new wildlifeart collection, the Art Of Nature.


The works of art brought in for this Pelee Island Bird Observatory fundraiser silent auction (generously donated by the artists). Crow's Theatre lounge (from left to right) works by: Charles Patcher - Keith Lem - Robert Bateman - Chris Bacon - Daniel St-Amant - Gwaai and Jaalen Edenshaw - Anja Karisik - W. David Ward - April SGaana Jaad White




Anja Karisik and W. David Ward


W. David Ward – 'Western Prospect'  acrylic on canvas 11" x 14"
One of four new works in the latest group exhibition at Loch Gallery (Details Below)


OPENS: June 8th. Loch Gallery. 16 Hazelton Avenue, Toronto.


'Western Prospect', a scene from near Tofino, Vancouver Island, reflects in both name and form, the values of the perennial realist movement. A light reminiscent of the Romantics bathes a lofty prominence, with a commanding view. Regionalism in art is born of the Age of Reason - the Age of Enlightenment - and embodies still, the high ideals and aspirations of Western Civilization; it speaks to an objective reality, in a deconstructed, relativistic, postmodern world.


A WORLD WITHIN: Ciba & Anja Karisik

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, June 14th, 7-10pm
The Peter MacKendrick Community Gallery. 76 Wychwood Avenue, Toronto
Saturday, June 15th, 10am - 5pm – Sunday, June 16th, 10am - 4pm.


'An exhibition celebrating the tenets of tradition, continuity, apprenticeship, and the transmission of knowledge and craft from one generation to the next. It also honours individual points of inspiration, reflecting the sacred world within each artist. We invite you to join us on Father’s Day weekend at The Peter MacKendrick Community Gallery (Artscape Wychwood Barns) for this special showing of paintings and drawings, and catch a glimpse of the world within our shared studio.

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