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Our three 2021 'Regional Art' calendar projects will be introduced soon. See the Calendars Page for more information on these.

Independent Culture calendars promote the work of independent artists all across Canada and the United States, drawing attention to the 200 year old tradition of Regionalism in art and an 'Art for the people.'

At a time when calendars are given away almost everywhere - by your local bank, insurance company or estate agent - or sold at box stores for 'give-away' prices, we believe the creators of beautiful, well-crafted art should have an opportunity to have their works seen and be paid appropriately for their efforts.

Your purchase of a Regional art calendar - your 'book of days' -  supports independent culture in a meaningful way. The royalties these artists earn from the sales of Regional Art calendars will (at the very least) make the creation of next year's work possible.

Upcoming Shows

Pelee Island Bird Observatory (PIBO) fundraiser dinner:

9th annual - May 6th, Windsor, Ontario, 2020.  Beach Grove Golf & Country Club

Independent Culture will be attending again and providing art for the silent auction. Currently, work from Dan St-Amant, April SGaana Jaad White, eXavier Peterson, Andrea Currie, W. David Ward, and others.

Pelee Island Bird Observatory & Margaret Atwood presents: An evening with Lorna Crozier & Trevor Herriot. All proceeds of the event to benefit PIBO.

Tickets: $125    Contact:


Home County Music & Art Festival:

47th Edition - July 17, 18, 19, 2020.

Home County Music & Art festival is an annual event in Victoria Park in London, Ontario.

For the second year, we will have a double booth, in conjunction with the Westland Gallery. This year, again, we will feature six artists.

Buckhorn Festival of the Arts:

43rd Edition: Aug 15 and 16, 2020

Our fourth year at the Buckhorn Festival of the arts, we will be located in the Hummingbird Building again; but this year, the show's special exhibition will focus on the long tradition of Regionalism in art too. All artists at this year's exhibition will be invited to participate in an exploration of this time-honoured art movement. Indeed, with the success New Regionalism project has enjoyed here, we might now regard ourselves as the next, official, incarnation of that 'perennial movement.'


Participating artists, and additional events, will be listed soon.

Past Events

December 2019 - January 2020


'Eyes Of Society - ReImagining Regionalism in art' -  The Union Club of British Columbia, Victoria - Invited exhibition.
December 2nd 2019 - January 31st, 2020


December 2019


'Pièces de Résistance' - Regional Art group exhibition. To date, eighteen artists have joined us in this multi-faceted project. Our December launch date (the 'public' launch date at least) has been deferred until the New Year. At this point, we are aiming for the spring. Thanks to the support Independent Culture has received this year through Patreon (which has made a great many other projects possible also) we look forward to an official launch in April (appropriately, for the 'Eyes of Society') in the year, 2020. It is not a coincidence that the London Regionalist's independent publication, back to the pre-Internet days (fifty-some years ago) was called '2020'. These artists  too, had a vision for the future, and this is the year (we suggest) that 'Regional' artists will make a meaningful difference in the world . . . Please sign up on our mailing list below, or follow us on Instagram


September 2019


'Eyes Of Society - A Regionalist Perspective'  - The Victoria Maritime Museum. Sept 2nd to Dec 1st


August 2019


The Buckhorn Fine Art Festival - New Regionalism building, group exhibition, August 17th - 18th


July 2019


Home County Music & Art Festival - London, Ontario (New Regionalism booth) July 19th - 21st

July 2019


The Toronto Outdoor Art Fair - Eyes Of Society Social Commentary Award, July 12th - 14th

June 2019


Karisik Duet - Anja and Ciba Karisik  - Artscape Wychwood Barns, Toronto, June 14th - 16th

Festiva Regionalista - Pelee Island. Canada Day weekend - June 30th to July 1st

May 2019


PIBO dinner and Springsong Fundraisers for the Pelee Island Bird Observatory and Pelee Island Heritage Centre (respectively), May 8th, Windsor, Ontario, and May 11th, Pelee Island winery

May 2019


PIBO dinner and Springsong Fundraisers for the Pelee Island Bird Observatory and Pelee Island Heritage Centre (respectively), May 8th, Windsor, Ontario, and May 11th, Pelee Island winery

April 2019


The Wild Bird Ball - Margaret Atwood and Graeme Gibson's fundraiser event for Pelee Island Bird Observatory, April 28th. Crow's Theatre, Toronto. Sponsored by Cineplex. Participating visual artists: Robert Bateman, Charles Patcher, Chris Bacon, Keith Lem, April SGaana Jaad White, Jaalen and Gwaai Edenshaw, Anja Karisik, W. David Ward.

March 2019


'Painting Under The Influence' - John Maurer OSA March 1st - 29th.  Fringe Gallery, London, Ontario.  This exhibition is the result of a five year journey to study the work of Tom Thomson to improve my own interpretation of the landscape and develop new skills to both understand the subject and render it more effectively. I was both influenced and inspired by Thomson’s work and the prolific nature of the paintings he completed during his short lifetime as a painter. Reception: March 9th.

The Tom Thomson 100 Project and the one hundred panels selected and produced from 2012 to 2017 reflect the work Thomson completed 100 years ago and in a way mirror his production and development as a painter in the early 1900s.

'Running Forward' - Daniel St-Amant March 9th - 25th. The Aurora Cultural Centre, Ontario Mixed media paintings depicting friction in our environments; created by engaging with the systems that trivialize it

February 2019


The Artist Project - Feb 21st - 24th 2019 at the Better Living Centre, Toronto. Please look for all the artist involved with our projects (New Regionalism artists), in particular our 2020 Regional Art (landscape and wildlife) calendar artists: Andrew Sookrah (booth 205), John Shea (booth 309) and Daniel St-Amant (booth 230)

Past Events


Union Club of British Columbia, Victoria, B.C.

December 1st, 2019 to January 31st, 2020


'Eyes of Society' - A Regionalist Perspective

The Maritime Museum of British Columbia


Buckhorn Festival of the Arts

August 17th &18th, 2019 - Buckhorn, Ontario


Home County Music & Art Festival 46th Edition

July 19th, 20th & 21st 2019 - London, Ontario


TOAF 2019 - Toronto Outdoor Art Fair

Eyes of Society - Social Commentary Award - Friday July 12

Panel discussion:  Art: Unwalled - Sunday July 14

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