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Festiva Regionalista 2017

The 'Stone and Sky Summer Music Series', Aug 5-7, was our first official celebration of Regionalism in Canada, featuring art, spoken word and music, from across the province. The Nihilist Spasm Band, which spun out of the London Regionalism movement in 1965 – and is still going strong – performed a one hour set, following a presentation and performance by spoken word artist, Sheniz Janmohamed, who also led the creation of a Mandala. Collaborative art projects and demonstrations were provided by Andrew Cheddie Sookrah and John Stuart Pryce (pictures below). Please contact us for information about next year's event, which will take place on Sunday, July 1st (Pelee 150). Our headline act in 2018 will be the Steel City Rovers.


The Nihilist Spasm Band (2nd left, white shirt) Bill Exley, (red t-shirt) John Boyle, (middle) Aya Onishi, (black t-shirt) Murray Favro, (2nd right) Art Pratten – Bass Guitar player, John Clement, was unable to attend.
(At the far left and far right, organizers: W. David Ward and Anja Karisik)


Anja Karisik with vocalist, Bill Exley


Just starting the Mandala, Sheniz Janmohamed - The guests gathering


Finishing touches on Mandala...


...and the band begins to play... Aya on drums


Aya on the 'giant electric kazoo' (left) John on drums (for one number)


Murray Favro on guitar, vocals by Bill Exley


John Boyle, back on kazoo and Bill Exley on 'cooking pot'


John and Aya


Art Pratten (right) on the 'Pratt-a-various', his home made electric violin


John Pryce attempts to capture the moment on canvas


ReEncounter Artists: W. David Ward, Anja Karisik, Andrew Sookrah (guest artist, John Stuart Pryce, visiting from Victoria) and Gary Landon.


John Pryce (middle) leading a casual afternoon plein air session. Gary (behind) looking very composed. David (foreground) appears to be rather less convinced that all is going as it should. For two committed detail oriented realists, it was a humbling experience; but it was also a lot of fun. It was a great exercise to be taken out of our comfort zone for a time, and learn a whole new approach in the company of a master. If you'd to join us at next year's Pelee paint out, please drop us a line. See more of John's work and, perhaps sign up for one of his workshops... For Andrew Sookrah's workshops and classes, please visit

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