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The Maritime Museum of British Columbia

W. David Ward


Ocean’s Embrace' (Tluu)

2019 - Acrylic on Canvas – 21” x 15½”


2017 – Acrylic on Canvas – 13½” x 16”


'Of Fire And Stone' (Hotspring Island)'
1999 - Acrylic on Canvas - 23½” x 36”


'Western Promontory'
2019 - Acrylic on Canvas – 10½” x 13”


'Queen B's'
2018 - Acrylic on Canvas – 10½” x 13”


'Morning Tide'
2019 - Acrylic on Canvas – 9” x 12”


'Ocean Light' - 2019
2019 - Acrylic on Canvas – 8½” x 12”



A working artist for over 30 years, David is represented by Loch Gallery, Toronto. His paintings hang in the offices of The Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and The Governor General of Canada; The Crown Collection; Manx National Gallery, Isle of Man, Provincial collections of Ontario and Newfoundland; the Gail Museum, in Seoul, South Korea, and in many other collections around the world. Over the past few years, he has dedicated increasingly more time to organizing art projects and curating: most recently, on the west coast, the 'Eyes Of Society' exhibition at the Robert Bateman Centre, Victoria – a project that now lives on in the 'Eyes of Society - Social Commentary Award', at The Toronto Outdoor Art Fair.

Artist Statement


“My connection to the west coast began in 1988, on my first kayak trip in Haida Gwaii. I came to the realization there that I must pursue my passion for art full time, and I have been a working artists ever since. For three decades, this place has been a constant source of inspiration. The wild, forested shoreline – a world between worlds – is an enchanted environment, where the spirit of the land still speaks to us; those it moves are compelled to share their stories, and their visions. This collection of paintings represents just a few moments from my time on the west coast – a story that continues to unfold.”

Anja Karisik


'The Pesuta Awash'

2019 - Pastel on Paper – 18½” x 27”

'Shaped Through Time'

2018 - Oil on Canvas – 30” x 30”


'Low Tide Predator'

2018 - Oil on Canvas – 30” x 24”


'Rooted in Sand'

2018 - Oil on Canvas – 18” x 24”



Anja Karisik was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and immigrated to Toronto in 1996. She graduated with a specialist in art history from the University of Toronto, Trinity College. Her career in the art business started with Odon Wagner Gallery. For the past six years, she has worked for Loch Gallery in Toronto representing some of the country’s finest living artists while also dealing in Canadian historical and post-war artwork. Through all this time, Anja steadily painted and exhibited her pastels and oils, and recently committed herself to a more focused and dedicated practice inspired by our relationship with the natural world and the myriad creatures, including us humans, dependent on it for survival.

Artist Statement


“I forged a connection to the Canadian west coast with a recent trip to Haida Gwaii - a place where people, story and land are inseparable. My paintings transpose the beauty of ecological diversity found in old growth forests and along the intertidal zone. I paint landscapes of adaptation and resilience – geophysical spaces on the knife’s edge – home to countless creatures all coexisting interdependently and buzzing with a collective, living energy.”

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