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Independent Culture - Patreon

Initial introduction

Independent Culture launched a page on Patreon, some time before this site was activated, to help cover calendar production and event costs; September 2018 was the first active month. The original text, which is just as relevant today, can be seen below. 

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"Independent Culture" is seeking your support.
Your contributions will help us continue our various 'Eyes Of Society' projects, as we spread an awareness of the importance of free expression in the visual arts.

It is generally accepted that freedom of speech and a free press are essential elements of open, democratic society; in the case of visual arts though, it is assumed culture will take care of itself. This is because the history of art has been presented to the public 'selectively' (shall we say), over the past few decades. We will share with you the 'back story', however, the untold history of art – to this end, we circulated a presentation at the Centre for Free Expression in Toronto in a recent post (below):

'The Censorship Of Art'.

You'll notice in our incentives, the book Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle. Patreon facilitates a lot of important creative projects; but here, as else where, text is vanishing as our culture becomes increasingly entertainment oriented.

When funding through this platform allows, our online content will become more suited to the medium; but for now, it's about the concept, and our work in the outside world, rather than content here. We must turn to a small segment of the population, therefore – 'an elite among the middle class' (to paraphrase the 1939 essay 'Avant-Garde and Kitsch') – who understand the importance of independent culture instinctively and chose to support the idea.

Much of what we will share exists within that so-called 'invisible environment' – those 'hidden forces' as Keynes famously stated, that 'not one in a million can understand'. In reality, it seems to be more like one in ten (for reasons we'll explore); the very fact you're here though (reading all of this text), means you're one in a million to us. Thank you.

Why Patreon - Why now? Thinking outside that proverbial box.
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Our ultimate goal is to help independent artists continue their important work (as Eyes of Society) in a changing economic climate. The fate of independent culture is directly linked to the fortunes of the middle-class. As the Baby Boom generation retires and downsizes, it has been replaced by a smaller, less-affluent middle-class – one that isn't able to support artists who represent the interests of everyday people. We bring a different perspective to bear, and tackle this issue in new and creative ways.

We hope you will join us once a month for our on-going exploration of the 'invisible environment'; for hidden here, among a great many other things, is the reason everyday people are coming under increasing financial pressure. Share a coffee with us, read more on this subject and engage with art. With your help, we hope to continue our most important projects. Our immediate goal is to distribute 1000 calendars through our own grassroots support network. Thank you.


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