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The 59th Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition 2019

Home County Music & Art Festival

Below you will find a few highlights of this year's Toronto Outdoor Art Fair - our third year now - and our first year at the Home County Music and Art Festival. As Regionalist artists, we felt it was incredibly important, symbolically, to have a presence here. The event was a great adventure, and successful in ways we never imagined going in. We'll share more on this later, but for now, please enjoy a few select pictures from these two events.


Toronto Outdoor Art Fair 2019


The 2019 award ceremony at TOAF where, this year, Andrew Sookrah and I made the presentation. Anja Karisik and I made the short list selections earlier that morning and, as usual, our group of ReEncounter artists, from Haida Gwaii to Nova Scotia this time, selected the winner of the 2019 'Eye Of Society - Social Commentary Award'. This year, the winner is photographer, Maureen O'Connor.


This year's panel discussion, which spun off from our Social Commentary Award (as we attempt to convert social commentary into social engagement), explores the question, 'Can Art Change The World'? My answer, always, is yes. The jury is out, in some people's minds, but I think we will eventually make our case, in indisputable terms.


W/ Robin Mckenna, award-winning director & producer of The Gift; David Ward, artist & founder of New Regionalism Project, Adrian Hayles, muralist & co-director of Hashtag gallery and moderated by Jenn Goodwin, dance artist & producer, Nuit Blanche.

Talks     Speakers


On stage, sheltering from a short, but torrential, down burst.
The weather didn't dampen anyone's spirits though; the show, of course, went on.

Home County Music and Art Festival 2019


Artists in the New Regionalism Project booth - Saturday:
John Maurer, Denise Antaya, Brent Schreiber, W. David Ward


Sunday, Brent could not make it, but Anja Karisik joined us for the day. Andrew Sookrah was away conducting a workshop at Loyalist College.


Setting up, in another of those torrential rain storms. They've been commonplace this summer; but the show, yet again, went on.

This is only the briefest of updates, as events are ongoing. There will be more on all of these events once things calm down. Right now the rush is on to ship work for our fall exhibition at the Victoria Maritime Museum, and perpare for the Buckhorn Art Festival. Aug 17 -18

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